Here at Polka Dot we have a variety of menu options from standard run of the mill menu’s to healthier menu options. We have tried to keep our healthier options still fun and include foods that the children actually eat.  If you can’t see a menu or additional items that suit your needs please feel free to discuss with us.

Included in all our standard party packages is a choice of the Standard Menu or Vegetarian Menu.  Other menu’s or additional items are at an additional cost.

Please note that catering orders must be finalised by 4pm on the Tuesday before your party.  However please always ask if you have any requests after this date and we will see what we can do.

Standard Party Menu (included in package)

  • Party pies
  • Party sausage rolls
  • Potato chips
  • Lollies
  • Fairy bread
  • Water

Vegetarian Party Menu (included in package)

  • Cheese and vegemite sandwiches
  • Vegetarian quiches or pastry puffs
  • Plain potato chips
  • Lollies
  • Fairy bread
  • Water

Healthier Fun Party Menu (Additional $3 per child)

  • Chicken Nuggets (Real chicken)
  • Cheese & vegemite sandwiches (wholemeal bread)
  • Fruit Platter
  • Popcorn
  • Fairy bread (wholemeal bread and no artificial additives sprinkles)
  • Small amount of lollies
  • Water

Super Healthy Party Menu (Additional $4.50 per child)

  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Cheese & vegemite sandwiches (wholemeal bread)
  • Fruit Platter
  • Popcorn
  • Fairy bread (wholemeal bread and no artificial additives sprinkles)
  • Healthy banana muffins
  • Yoghurt
  • Water

Children Optional Extras

  • Chicken Nuggets Platter (20 pieces) – $20.00
  • Cocktail Frankfurt Platter (20 pieces) – $15.00
  • Kosher mini frankfurts (20 pieces) – $20.00
  • Hot Chips Large Bowl – $15.00
  • Cheese, Vegemite or Jam Sandwich platter (20 pieces) – $20.00
  • Fruit Platter Small – $25, Fruit Platter Large – $40.00
  • Popcorn Bowl – $15.00
  • Hommus, carrot sticks and cracker platter – $15.00
  • Glitter Jelly cups – $1.50 each
  • Zooper Dooper – 75c each
  • Mini cupcake – $2.00 each
  • Cupcake buttercream icing – $3.50 each
  • Juice boxes – $1 each
  • Water bottles – $1 each (themed bottles also avail)

Parent Catering Options

Below is a list of catering items available for parents attending your Polka Dot party. If you have booked a parents and children function package you will have a hot platter and choice of a dip or sweet platter included in your package. If your party is over lunch or dinner we recommend you order some catering for your parent guests.

  • Party pies, sausage rolls and spinach/ricotta pastries platter – 45 pieces $40, 25 pieces $25
  • Vegetarian quiches and spinach/ricotta pastries platter – 48 pieces $45 , 25 pieces $27.50
  • Seasonal fruit platter $40
  • Dips, carrot, celery and crackers platter – $30
  • Cheese, kabana and cracker platter – $25
  • Deluxe antipasto platter (camembert & tasty cheese, sundried tomato, olives, prosciutto, dried fruit, grapes, crackers) – $55
  • Sweet stands including a variety of muffins and slices – $40
  • Beverage package – tea, coffee, soft drink & water – $25

If you have already booked your party with us and would like to change or add catering items to your party please click on the below link and we will update your booking accordingly.


Please note:

  • Additional catering must be ordered by the Tuesday 4pm before your party
  • Talk to us about any special dietary requirements or allergies
  • We are a nut free venue, although some foods may contain traces of nuts
  • Due to food health and safety regulations we can’t allow food to be brought in or taken out of the venue other than the birthday cake or take home gifts
  • Gluten free and Kosher menus are available on request