Take Home Gifts

Booking your child’s party at Polka Dot takes out all the hard work for you so you can enjoy the party with your child. The only things left for you to do are to organise the cake take home gifts!  However, we can help you with those too.

See our selection below of amazing take home gifts, we can also custom create any type of take home gift if you have something specific in mind but don’t have the time to do it, just ask us.

Sweet Treat Take Home Gifts

Polka Dot lolly boxes – $4 each (No min required)

Each box is created by hand at Polka Dot and includes a range of soft jelly lollies, marshmallows and musk sticks and a couple of trinkets such as fairy wands, bouncy balls, bubble sticks, finger monsters, and lots lots more.

 Themed chocolate bars and water bottles – $3 each or $5 for both (min order of 13)

We have absolutely amazing printables sets available in many themes or if you would like a custom theme we can create it for you for $10.

Individually boxed iced cupcakes – $4.50 (min order of 13)

Our amazing Anthea can create some delicious cupcakes to pop into little individual cupcake boxes that make great take home gifts.  A helium balloon tied to the top of these looks great too! 

Cupcakes popcorn cups – $4.50 (min order of 13)

Super cute take home gift includes a cupcake and some coloured popcorn in a plastic cup.  These can be custom themed of an additional cost.

Lolly Free Take Home Gifts

If you aren’t a fan of giving lollies to children to take home choose one of our below take home gifts.

Fluffy Tiara/Crown – $3 each

Great alternative to lollies for a Princess Party

Fairy/Princess Wands – $3 each

Also a great alternative to lollies for Fairy or Princess Party

Helium Balloons – $2.80 each (min order of 15)

Balloons are always a favourite, we can use them a decorations in the dining room then the birthday child can hand then out as a gift at the end of the party.

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