How to make a Ribbon Garland


Ribbon Garlands

Ribbon garlands are a great decorative item. They can be used for a decorative piece for so many uses. We use them for party decorations such as a backdrop for a sweets table, chair decoration or above the party table. It’s a great keepsake after the party and you could change it up a little for your next party or hang it up in your child’s room or you could even recycle it and sell it on eBay.

IMG_1175 - Copy

IMG_1289 - CopyThey are very simple to make and an economical way to dress up a table. They can cost a small fortune to buy off sites such as Etsy or eBay so why not have a go at making it yourself.

Here are my tips to make your own ribbon garlandIMG_3246

  • The most budget friendly way to make it, is to buy some different materials and rip it into ribbons. For example if you are doing a mermaid or frozen theme, choose various shades and textures to compliment your theme. You can even add some pearls or something sea like in a mermaid theme or some snowflakes in a Frozen theme. You can choose to do short ribbons, various lengths or long ones.
  • For my purple and aqua ribbon garland I’ve used as an example for this post, I chose to have the ribbons more spaced out with a silk lilac material behind it for the backdrop. With shorter ribbon garlands it’s more effective to have them really close together.
  • My backdrop including the silk material backdrop, materials and twine cost $28. It depends on the materials you use as to how much it’s going to cost and because I used the sparkly types of materials they cost a little more.
  • The sparkly material I used in this backdrop, I had to cut it across with scissors but most materials, I just put a small cut at the top of the material and then rip it across like you see them do at Spotlight when you are purchasing material. This gives a straight line and is a quick and easy way to make the ribbons for your garland.


The basic instructions for your garland is:

  • Cut your twine to the length you need, allow room on each end to be able to tie your garland.
  • Cut all your material into ribbons by either ripping the material like discussed above depending on the material, most materials work or cutting it if you used a similar sparkly material I have used and make sure you cut it to the length you’d like.
  • Tie it on the twine, all the way across. I put small loops that are adjustable in each end of my twine, so the ribbons don’t slide off and for an easy way to hang the garland. I make it adjustable so if I need to make it bigger or adjust the size a little, it has some flexibility there.

And voila you have completed your garland. How easy is that…….

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