Princess Party Game Ideas

10 Princess Party games for your next party….

So it’s your little princesses birthday celebration and you want to do a Princess themed party celebration, look no further…. We’ve created a list of tried and tested ideas to keep the kids entertained and busy. If you are looking for further ideas on how to create a Disney princess party, check out our blog post on a, “Princess Party Celebration”.

Activity stations work really well  and keep the kids entertained as well as  it creates something the kids can take home we’ve created some ideas below from numbers 1-7, but you really only need 2-4 stations depending on the size of your party, the duration and the age. Keep activities short and simple for 5 and under as they get distracted and bored very easily. Every good party should also include some dancing and physical activities so throw some classic princess songs on and get the kids up and dancing to burn off the energy and put smiles on the guests faces.

1.       Bead it Bar

In our venue, we have a huge “Bead it Bar” that is used in our shop and sometimes for an extra add on’s in our parties as seen in the photo. We’ve also created mini bead it bars to take to our outside parties. The guests get to choose 5 gorgeous beads and create a stunning keepsake necklace. You can also create your own version, just get a variety of beads for your guests to choose from and either a cheap necklace on eBay or buy some brightly coloured string to thread the beads on.

2.       Nail Polish and Lippy Station

Every princess needs a little lippy and gorgeously coloured nails. Delegate either some family, friends or older kids and create a station where the little guests can line up and get their nails painted and some lip gloss put on. Make sure you use a cotton bud for each child so you don’t cross contaminate with the lippy.

3.       Treasure/Jewel box

Create a station filled with stick on rhinestones, scrapbook paper with cut out shapes such as flowers and butterfly’s, ribbons, artificial flowers, sequins, textas, glue and boxes. Boxes can be found in most local $2 shops and reject shops. Let the kids use their imaginations and create their own special jewel box to take home.

4.       Biscuit/Cupcake decorating

Set up a station with coloured icing, and with the biscuits you can either pre-make shaped biscuits such as princess crowns or butterfly’s or just buy marie biscuits and have different sprinkles and lollies to top the biscuits. With the cupcakes you can either do a similar idea as the biscuits or have some premade cupcakes with simple designs the kids can follow like in the picture above. Simple ideas include butterfly, cats, flower, rainbow with clouds. If you want to give that extra finishing touch, you can buy cupcake boxes on eBay like in the picture and it makes a great take home gift.

5.       Book mark decorating

If you google princess bookmarks, there should be plenty of free ones online that you could print off. I’ve included a Princess Belle Bookmark one I found online for a recent school holiday program we ran at the venue. The guests can colour them in, it’s up to you if you want them to be double sided, in our program we laminated them and let the kids bead some string to hang off the book mark but this would depend on the age of the kids as they might need a bit of help with the beading. If you were going to do a princess Belle bookmark, you could put a sign up that says, “What is Princess Belle’s favourite thing to do”? Reading of course, so make a bookmark to take home so you can read too. Other ideas for a bookmark is to just have plain coloured cardboard cut up and have a variety of things to stick on it.

6.       Perfume Making

In our recent School holiday program, the kids made their very own perfume. Every little princess loves to smell nice pretty. The kids can make their own scents and decorate their own bottle. I will make a blog post on this but in the meanwhile, all you need is little spray bottles for each child, food grade fragrances, food colour (optional) and water and let the kids use pipettes to add 5-6 drops of flavour on their spray bottles. They can also personalize and decorate the outside of their bottles if they wish. This activity would work best for 5 and up.

7.       Craft Station

Have a themed activity such as a dream catcher, wands or crowns or a variety and let the kids choose. You can order dream catchers from the link above and or wands and crowns can generally be found in $2 shops, reject shop or Kmart. Have a variety of textas, glue, scrap book paper, rhinestones, sequins, buttons etc. for the kids to decorate on their activity.

8.       Plant a kiss on a frog

This is the same principle as “Pin the tail on the donkey”, we did this for a recent princess party and the kids loved it. I’ve included the link below for a free poster you can print out, we found online. Just save it on a USB and take it to Officeworks to print on an A3 sized paper. It’s very inexpensive to print. “Plant the Kiss On a Frog”

9.       Pass the Princess treasure box

Do you hate wrapping? We do too so why not get a box from a $2 shop and fill in with trinkets, Kmart is great for this and present it as a princess treasure box. Pass the princess treasure box around and when the music stops, the guest chooses something from the treasure box. Make sure each guest gets a trinket.

10.   Princess Dancing and Games

Get the kids up and dancing to their favourite princess tunes freestyle, you could also do games such as dancing statues and include games like limbo also.

If the entertainment side of the party seems too much for you, why don’t you contact us and we can create activities and entertainment with our entertainers and we can even do the styling and set up as well. Check out our blog post as above on a, “Princess Party Celebration”

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