Tween Hollywood Gold Class Party

Hollywood Gold Class Party for a Tweens Birthday

This party was organized for a 12th Birthday party. I often have parents say that they find this age so hard to organize a party for and find the process a little daunting. Tweens/ Teen parties are not as hard as many people think. You don’t need to organize a whole heap of games and activities for them, have a chat to your daughter and let her lead the way in what she likes, at this age, it’s very important what their friends think.  A lot of free time to let them do their own thing is what makes them happy at this age.

Party Recap –

For this Hollywood Gold Class party, we created a grand entrance. At the front door was a big VIP Entrance sign and there was a please take 1 sign with feather boas and VIP lanyards for everyone to wear.

As the girls entered the house, there was a red carpet with gold stanchions to make the grand entrance into the house, where the party guests would cheer each guest as they walked in.

There was a Hollywood themed sweets table set up with lots of treats as well as an old fashioned popcorn machine. A photo booth also was organized for the night, which was a huge hit with girls of this age.

A movie marathon of the movies, “Step Up” was organized for the evening as well for the girls to watch as well as a sleepover of 12 girls.


Hollywood Gold Class Party






June 2015

What people ate:

The girls all ate homemade pizzas, there was homemade popcorn, themed cake pops and biscuits and a lolly buffet of sweets to enjoy all whilst watching the movies.

What people drank:

There was themed water bottles and soft drinks to enjoy in champagne glasses.


A cake was made into steps with a red carpet, which was chocolate flavoured.

Party Favours:

The girls all got to keep their VIP lanyards, they also all got lots of photos to keep from the photo booth as well as a noodle box to fill up sweets in and personalized chocolate bars.



The photo booth with lots of photo props was the main entertainment for the evening, a game of truth or dare and the movie marathon for the evening. As well as lots of girly goss and laughs for the evening. Check out our blog post of Truth or Dare questions above.

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Party Helpers:

Polkadot Entertainment – Styling, themed hire kit, organizing and set up

Lune de Miel Bakery – made the cake, biscuits and cake pops

Kitty Pimms – Photo Booth

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