Exploding Rainbows

Exploding Rainbows Science Experiment

This experiment was created for a Science Experiment party for one of our parties. It is a great, simple fun activity to incorporate into a party or even just a fun activity to do with the kids over the holidays. Ingredients:
  • 3-5 Squeeze bottles
  • Food colouring 3-5 colours
  • .

DIY Lava Lamp

How to make a DIY Lava Lamp

  Check out this great Science experiment to do with the kids over the holidays or include it as an activity as part as a Science Experiment party. Ingredients:
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Squeezy bottles filled with water
  • Alka-Seltzer Tablet broken into pieces
  • more

Unicorn Party Ideas

12 Ideas for an Awesome Unicorn Party

Unicorn parties are all the rage right now and we are starting to get many requests for parties in and out of our venue. The picture below is from one of our most recent Unicorn parties we had in the venue. To help you plan your next Unicorn party check out our list.