Kid’s Party Catering

Kids Party Food Suggestions

Some common questions I get asked all the time, is how much food do I need on the day, will there be enough and do I need to feed parents as well?


Here are my practical tips for a fuss free party

  • For children under school age, you can expect most parents will stay. Once they get to the first year of primary school you may still find a few parents will stay and the occasional few will drop off. Sometimes this is a chance to get to know the parents at the school that your kids are playing with or even for the particularly shy child, especially at the start of the year. By about grade 1, most parents will drop and go but if you are particularly worried, you can mention something to parents that there is no need to stay or maybe write something little in the invite about it being a drop and go party.
  • It’s totally up to you with the younger parties, if you would like to fully cater for parents. Most people understand that the party is focused on the children, so even just a couple of small options, would be much appreciated but not expected. For drinks some options could be tea, coffee and refreshments. Some simple adult platters could include dips and vegie stick platter, antipasto platter, sweets platter, sandwich or a sushi platter.
  • Keep portions small and simple, children eat surprisingly little at parties as they get swept up in the hype and excitement. Choose food that can be prepared in advance and frozen.
  • For your menu have a balance of savoury, sweet and healthy. This should include 5-8 servings in total of food such as 2-3 savoury, 1-2 serves sweets, 1-2 servings of healthy options and a piece of cake.
  • Serving food could be sit down style, picnic style, snacking buffet or food boxes. Always cater for a few extra just in case for siblings or last minute attendees.
  • Get creative with serving your food to your theme, check Pinterest for some inspiration. Some ideas can include fairy wands for a fairy party, sushi crabs for a mermaid party, sandwiches made into a caterpillar for a Hungry caterpillar party, and ice crystal sticks for a frozen party.
  • Other food options is to create food as an activity such as cupcake or biscuit decoration, pizza making, make your own ice cream sundae or even fruit skewers. This is a fun way to keep the kids entertained.
  • Refreshments should mostly be water but if you prefer you could serve juice or cordial. Other ideas is personalized water bottles or fruit juice pops to co-ordinate in with your theme.
  • Keep the party nut free and find out if there are any allergies to work around.
  • For some inspiration: Check out my Pinterest board, Ideas: Kids Party Foods


Below, I’ve made a quick reference table for party food menus for your child’s party.

Traditional Party Food

Although not the healthiest, this menu is always a winner at parties and although basic has stood the test of time.

  • Party pies, sausage rolls, Frankfurt’s, pizza slices : 2-3 pieces per child
  • Cake or cupcakes: 1 serving
  • Fruit platter or fruit skewers: 1-2 serves per child
  • Other sweets – jelly cups, ice cream cones, sweet slices: 1 serving per child

Snacks to have throughout the party:

Chips or Popcorn: 1 cup per child

Fairy bread: ½ – 1 slice per child

IMG_1175 - CopyIMG_7014

Healthy Party Menu

Healthy party menus are gaining more popularity, with more people health conscious these days. Just be wary to try and keep to simple, everyday options that appeal to kids as they may not eat foods they are not used too. Simple foods such as sandwiches or fruits could be cut with shape cutters to be more appealing.

  • Sandwich platters, wraps, mini sushi, mini savoury muffins and quiches: 2-3 pieces per child
  • Homemade birthday cake or cupcakes: 1 serve per child
  • Fruit platter or fruit skewers: 1 – 2 serves per child
  • Other sweets- homemade sweets such as homemade ice cream pops or sorbet, healthy chocolate crackles, wholemeal Fairy Bread with additive free hundreds and thousands, nut free Chocolate bliss balls etc: 1 serve per child

Snacks to have throughout the party:

  • Popcorn: 1 cup per child
  • Platters with carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, cubed cheese, dip, cold meats:   1 handful or skewer per child

Refreshments on the Day

These days water is the most preferred option by parents, to keep the kids hydrated and not over stimulated but it’s up to you if you would like to offer other options.

  • A water bottle or juice pop per child if preferred
  • Large Jug of water, cordial or juice
  • For adults: jugs of juice, water or soft drink. You could also have coffee and tea supplies, set up near an urn or kettle as a self serve option.

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