Kids Spa Party Schedule

Kids Spa Party Run Sheet

At Polkadot Entertainment, Spa parties are a fun girly option and suits ages from 7 years old upwards to adults. The guests get to enjoy pampering each other, giggling and talking all things girly.

Are you planning on giving your child a Spa party for her birthday? In this post, I’ve included a schedule we use as a guide to running our spa parties in people’s homes or at chosen venues to help you plan your own. If doing a DIY Spa party is really important to have a good plan for how the party will run for the day.

For tips to set up a full spa party check out my blog post called, “DIY Kids Spa Party” and for inspiration and more ideas check out my other blog post called, “Tween Pamper Party“. Also check our album on facebook called, “A Spa party to remember“.

There are many ways you can run your spa parties, some people prefer stations set up but we prefer with the younger age groups around 7-12 to have everyone doing everything at the same time, that way you can go through the steps together for everyone to follow. For older age groups or if you have lot’s of helpers you could set up stations for a more casual setting. It’s also good to have maybe one game up your sleeve, just in case you move through the activities quickly.


  • Welcome all guests to the Spa and explain what they will be doing today and that you will be going through everything step by step.
  • Split the guests into partners and get them choose who will be the guest and therapist.
  • The therapist will fill up foot bowl with warm water and put foot soak in (if using)
  • The client will make up mask and scrub
  • The therapist will soak her clients feet in the foot tub
  • Using a brush or fingers, the therapist will apply the mask to the clients face and put cucumber over the eyes. Make sure you warn the therapists to not get the masks in anyone’s eyes and to have a big circle of mask around the eyes.
  • Lift foot over foot bowl and massage scrub over all of foot and put foot back in bowl, swap feet
  • Rinse scrub off the feet using the foot bowl water
  • Dry both feet with hand towel
  • Empty bowl of water
  • Massage feet with moisturizer
  • The therapists will grab a warmed scented face washer from the slow cooker/rice cooker or they can be just warmed in hot water and wipe the mask off being careful to be gentle around the eyes.
  • Put tissue between toes and then paint toenails with 2 coats of polish and a top coat
  • Before swapping over this could be a good point to stop and have some food. 20min break. After food sing “Happy Birthday”. (whilst everyone goes back to treatments, get someone to cut the cake)
  • Swap Over: get the partners to swap over to therapist and client and follow schedule above.
  • Make Lip Gloss and shimmer moisturizer (10 min)
  • Cake and lollybuffet or lolly bags.
  • Approx. 2 hours in total

If organizing your own spa party seems like too much effort or a little overwhelming, I’ve included our different spa packages for at the venue or at your own chosen venue. Also check our album for our theme kit on Facebook called, “Spa Party Hire Kit“.

spa packages mobile

Spa Pamper Venue Party Packages FINAL


At Polka Dot Entertainment, we create “A party like no other”. We are event and party planners with over 15 year’s experience, we love to share our knowledge and expertise to help you create your very own gorgeous and memorable party so watch out for our blogs and tips on Facebook.

If you need some extra help to creating the party of your (or your child’s) dreams, Polka Dot Entertainment also provide lots of hire items, themed party kits where we come and set up and pack up a complete party for you, custom themed parties, travelling entertainers, cakes or even a complete party planned from start to finish.