Party Game Ideas for Preteens / Teens

Tween/ Teen Party Game Ideas

This age group can sometimes be tricky to come up with ideas.  At the moment, I’m in the process of planning a Tween party for my daughter, so I’ve come up with a list of game ideas that you can use for your next tween/teens birthday party that are sure to keep them entertained.

A little more planning is required at this age, maybe talk to your tween/teen and let them pick a few games and get them involved in the planning process. That way, you also get the tick of approval, that you are on the right track of what they consider to be fun.



Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It style games can be super fun and challenging and is suited for all age groups, it is even a great family night in. I’ll be blogging this game at a Tween Party coming up, stay tuned…..

Video Tween Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt where each team has a video camera and they have a list of items to get footage of, maybe around a shopping centre or around home. There could be a must have list to be completed to qualify and then extra lists to earn extra points. The team with the highest points wins. Write down some funny and crazy things to take videos such as walking a stranger’s dog, fitting entire team on 1 tree, 3 team members in a shopping cart, singing a nursery rhyme to a stranger.

Picture Scavenger Hunt

Tweens use cell phone cameras or a Polaroid camera and get pictures of the things that are on their “to do” list. Some examples are a fireman in uniform, 2 teenagers kissing, a police car, a red bike, someone holding a ball etc.

Truth or Dare Game

A game that’s been around for a long time, that is sure to get a lot of laughs. Check out my blog post on Truth or Dare. Variation: “Spin a dare”, fill a bottle with dares and spin the bottle in your circle of friends whoever it lands on must collect the dare and entertain you.

Truth or Dare Pop

This game gives a twist to the popular Truth or Dare game (as above). There are a few variations, Option 1: have 2 colors of balloons, 1 color is for the dares and the 2nd color is for the truths or Option 2: do all different color balloons so no one knows what they are getting, put the folded pieces of paper in each balloon. Give each person a number from 2-12. The 1st person rolls the dice and the number that comes up is the number of the tween that has to pop a balloon and then do the truth or dare that is on the paper. When they have completed their truth or dare, then it’s their turn to roll the dice and see which person is next.

Tween Drama

Shopping and Drama in 1 game! Divide the party into teams. Have a few shopping bags made up with about 5 different items in each bag such as a shoe, hat, glasses, lipstick, hat, party favor etc. Just make sure the items in each bag are different. Each team has a bag, send each team into a different area away to create and practice a skit that incorporates all of the items in the bag. Give them 15 min to practice their skit and then they can perform the skits for everyone. You can video the finished skits. Variation: Tweens can create a commercial or song.

Wear That!

You will need a bag filled with crazy clothes and items to wear such as feather boas, bikinis, funny glasses, high heels, large underwear, hats, etc. The crazier the better…  Have the players each have a turn at rolling the dice.  If the dice lands on a 3 or 6 then they must take an item from the bag and put it on over their clothes.  Keep playing until all the items are being worn.  The person that has on the fewest things wins.

Nail Polish Spin the Bottle Game

Fun party game for tween girls or even a sleepover. Choose bright shades of colorful nail polish and place them in the middle of the guests. Birthday girl spins a nail polish bottle of choice and the girl that the cap stops at has to paint a fingernail that color. When they are done they choose a shade of polish and they spin … keep going until everyone’s fingernails are polished in different colors. You can continue the game by painting toes too as well.

Tween Mystery Game

A fun game with so many variations, it could be a murder mystery to solve, or a dinner mystery party to keep kids wondering what they are having for dinner. There is a bit more planning involved but heaps of ideas on the net.

Auction Game 

In the party invitation include a request that each party guest bring a wrapped item no more than over $10, or even something from home. Give them $20 in play money.  Begin an auction by holding up the first gift and auctioning it off to the guests.    With any other left over auction money tweens can bid on who gets the first piece of cake to who chooses the music.

Foil/Toilet Paper Fashion Tween Make Over

Split everyone into teams and use foil or toilet paper or combo of both to make a runway outfit. Skirts, shirts, tanks, shoes, high heels, jewellery, tiaras, dresses … whatever they can make that is fashionable. At the end have a fashion show and take pics of all the fashions.

Smarties Challenge

Play this game with smarties or even skittles and place in a big bowl. Sit down and without looking choose 2 smarties and put into your mouth. If the smarties are the same colors then eat them but if they are different you keep them inside your mouth until your turn and then you choose two more without looking to see if you can get a pair or keep playing until you get a pair.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts can be played many different ways, there are so many to choose from. You only need to search the net to come up with some great ideas. They are great for any age. Watch out for my top list of different hunts to try in the coming months.

Commercial Birthday Game

Start with the birthday person, they choose an item from around the room and then they hand it to the person of their choice.  That person has to make a 30 second commercial for the item they were given. Keep playing until everyone has a turn.

Quack, Quack, Who’s There?

Place chairs in a circle, facing each other and get everyone to take a seat, choose a person to be “it” and blindfold them and tell them to stand in the middle of the circle. On “go” the players all change seats, so the “it” doesn’t know where everyone is sitting, then they move around the circle and choose someone’s lap to sit on. The person seated says, “Quack Quack” while disguising their voice and the “it” person has to guess who it is. If they guess correctly, they get to take that persons spot and it’s their turn to be blindfolded. Otherwise if the “it” is wrong they keep playing until they guess.