Party Timing and Schedules

It’s all about the timing

Party times can vary depending on the age of the kids and if they are at the age of taking a nap. Consider whether you would like to serve a full meal or a snacking option. If you prefer the snacking option, mid-morning and mid-afternoon parties can work really well.

I’ve created a quick reference below on the best times to party:

Ages: 1-2
Time of Day:  After nap time
Duration:        1 hour
No. of guests: Flexible

Ages: 3-4
Time of Day:    Midmorning or Lunchtime
Duration:          1 – 1.5 hours
No. of guests:   4-6 children

Ages: 5-6
Time of day:     Early-Mid afternoon
Duration:          1.5hr-2hr
No. of guests:   6 – 8 children

Ages: 7-8
Time of day:      Early to mid afternoon
Duration:            2hour
No. of guests:    8-10

Ages: 10-12
Time of day:     Late afternoon to evening        
Duration:            2-3 hours
No. of guests:    8-10 

The Party Schedule

It’s a good idea to have a running sheet for the day of the party, to keep you on track and keep the party stress free. Recruit friends and family, to help with things during the day if needed.  Some points to remember when planning out your party schedule is:
– Allow time for guests to arrive and get settled in. A few ideas to keep kids entertained as kids arrive is to do present opening, provide dress ups or craft/coloring stations, face painting or even depending on the time of your party, you could possibly serve food at the start of the party.
– Allow 15-20 minutes for little kids to eat and a little longer for tweens. Kids are generally so excited at parties that they barely eat.
– Allow time for free play, especially towards the end of the party.
– Allow time to sing Happy Birthday with the cake. This can be done after food, or mid party. A good idea is to cut cake up and serve at the end of the party, then give lolly bags out.
– Allow time for your planned entertainment. Generally younger kids lose interest quickly so keep activities or games short or consider having free style activities/stations so kids can choose what they wish to do.
Design your party schedule to suit yourself, the time of the day and around the entertainment you have planned. There are really no rules as long as you include the basics.
Our general schedule we use at our venue, which works really well is:
Arrival – 5-10min Magic Door, our entertainers get the kids all hyped and excited to start the games for the day.
Entertainment- 30-45 min During this time we have activities tailored to the party theme such as face painting, crafts, pampering and some party games and dancing to music.
Food – 15-20min We serve our party food and refreshments, mid-way through the party then after the food we get the cake out with candles lit and sing Happy Birthday.
Entertainment – 20-30min Some more games and entertainment, whilst the cake gets cut up and placed at each seat for the kids.
Eat cake, lollybags and say goodbye- The last 5-10 minutes of the party, we serve the cake. After the cake, the birthday child gets to give out lollybags and say goodbye to guests.

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