Toddler Music Class

Polka Dot Toddler Classes

Polka Dot is delighted to offer weekly classes for toddlers aged 1 to 4 years old. Polka Dot has loads of activities from Rock n Tots music classes, art classes and dance classes. All classes are conducted at the venue with our talented team of singers, dancers and primary school teachers in training. Keep reading below for our weekly timetables and class information.

We can come to you!

If you attend a playgroup, pre-school or kindergarten you can invite Polka Dot to come along and conduct a 30 minute Music or Dance class there. Only $12 per child minimum of 10 children, any day, any time and as often as you like. Once a week, once a month, once a year. contact the office to book us in. If you have a mothers group or group of friends with 6 or more in it and would like your own weekly class which is not scheduled, please call our office to arrange 03 9578 5096.


Classes are $15 casual or $10 when you purchase a term pass, more details on prices. Your second child is 20% off.

Term 2 2017 Commences Wednesday 26th April

Polka Dot Rock’n’Tot’s Music Classes

Polka Dot Rock ‘n Tots music classes are a great addition to the Polka Dot family, they are aimed at under five year olds. A great social outing for mum and kids to enjoy without being too long.

  • A fun and relaxed 30 minute music class with lots of singing, dancing and instruments.
  • A music and movement based weekly activity program.
  • The set structure creates an environment which will make the children feel comfortable in and will give them a sense of familiarity.
  • The class begins with the Polka Dot Rock ‘n Tots activity theme song Polka dot Theme Song 1. Which the children will all learn to introduce basic music concepts including pitch and rhythm. Followed by action songs to enhance fine and gross motor skills which are based around our weekly theme.
  • Then many fun, familiar nursery rhythms with dance and movement to increase spatial awareness. There are loads of instruments and activities for the tots and mums to have a play with and a lot of interaction with the teacher and other tots in the class.
  • The class finishes with a structured closing with the Polka Dots Rock ‘n Tots home time theme song.

Polka Dot Rock’n’Tots Music Class times:

  • Wednesday Music Class 10am – 10.30am

Polka Dot Jazz Dance Classes

The latest addition to the Polka Dot family, these classes are aimed at under five year olds.   Whilst the classes run by a qualified dance teacher they are all about getting the kids up and moving and expending some energy whilst learning a few moves along the way.

Polka Dot Jazz Dance Class times:

  • Wednesday Music Class 10.45am – 11.15am


To book your child into a call please contact us. You do not have to pay for a term on your first visit. You can purchase a casual class for $15 to see if you and your child enjoys the class.  We highly recommend you book the same class each week so that the children become to know one and another. We are not too strict with ages in the class, therefore if you have friends attending a class please come to the time that suits you, bare in mind the majority will be the ages advertised.

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